Airlines could soon phase out seat-back screens

Are seat-back screens a thing of the past? Some airlines are already phasing them out.  (iStock)

One of the only things to look forward to about flying is getting to binge-watch TV shows and movies. But the way were entertained in the air could be about to change and people arent happy about it.

Some airlines are reportedly ditching the seatback screens that give us our in-flight entertainment as a part of a new seat designed to save money.

According to the New York Times, seatback screens are hugely expensive to install. They can cost $10,000 per seat, estimated Dan McKone, managing director and head of the travel and transportation practice at the consulting firm L.E.K.

And for such a huge price tag, they also add bulk and weight to seats and quickly become technologically obsolete.

Some airlines are looking at this from the standpoint of cost savings by removing the hardware, Henry Harteveldt, travel industry analyst and co-founder of Atmosphere Research Group told The Times.

They reduce the weight of the aircraft, and they reduce the expense associated with maintaining that equipment.

So how are we expected to distract ourselves 35,000 feet in the air? With an in-flight entertainment app and our own mobile or tablet devices.

Australian national carrier Qantas has already ditched the seatback screen....

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