Bihar's past, Bihari aspirations dominate PM's petro projects event, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

New Delhi:


and Bihari aspirations were the dominating talking points with intermittent references to Bihar's past as Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated three petro projects for the state, ahead of the Assembly polls.

"There was a time when

LPG gas connections

in Bihar were a sign of affluent people. People had to make recommendations for each gas connection. The one who used to have gas in his house was believed to be from a very big family. Nobody asked those who were marginalised in the society, were suffering, deprived, backward, very backward. Their grief, their suffering was also ignored. But now in Bihar this concept has changed," said the Prime Minister in an apparent dig at Bihar's past, primarily ruled by the opposition RJD.

While inaugurating three crucial petroleum projects that will benefit Bihar, he broke it down in simpler terms for normal residents of the state to make sense of what the projects would mean to them. He said, "Today when CNG is reaching many cities of the country,


is reaching people of Bihar and eastern India should get these facilities as easily."

Resurrecting Bihar's past and contrasting it with its present, Modi said that there was a time in the state when gas-based industry and petro-connectivity were seen as technical terms. However, he added that they have a direct impact on people's lives and their standard of living.

He said that the Prime Minister's package given for Bihar had 10 big projects related to petroleum and gas and ....

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