Doomed Lion Air jet had FOUR flights affected by faulty airspeed indicator thought to have caused cr

The black box recorder recovered from the doomed Lion Air plane that crashed, killing all 189 on board shows the jet's airspeed indicator was faulty when it crashed and during three other flights, investigators said today.

© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Relatives of passengers who died in the crashed Lion Air flight JT610 sobbed during a meeting with Indonesian authorities and Lion Air management in Jakarta today

According to a technical log the Lion Air plane, which had only been in service a few months, suffered instrument problems the day before because of an 'unreliable' airspeed reading. 

All 189 people on board the Lion Air jet were killed when the plane crashed into the Java Sea on October 29 just minutes after taking off from Jakarta.

The night before the fatal crash, the same aircraft had erratic speed and altitude issues during a flight from Bali to Jakarta, it emerged yesterday.

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Passengers noticed an 'unusual' rumbling coming from the engine and a 'roller coaster'-like flight, which combined with the heat caused some people to become ill. 

© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Lion Air Founder and owner, Rusdi Kirana, stood up, bowed his head, and clasped his hands together when relatives of passengers of the doomed Lion Air flight demanded answers at a press conference today The pilot made a radio alert to turn back to Bali just mi....

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