Hybrid Engine Technology Trends | For Construction Pros

Hybridization has been an ongoing conversation for a long time, so the term isnt new, but it is still evolving as new power sources, technologies, and capacities become accessible and available. It was only a short decade ago that the prevalent discussion around hybrid solutions was centered around parallel versus series hydraulic hybrid drivetrains because of the high-density energy capture and release capabilities it has. As hybrid power sources like batteries have evolved to allow for more rapid energy release, and have dropped in price, they have become more reasonable options for hybrid solutions being incorporated into the chassis or other areas on the machine.

But more and more, engine manufacturers are seeing a compelling argument for hybrid beyond just the cleanliness and efficiency gains; hybrid engines allow for lower horsepower options and thus more compact engines to be utilized, as well as providing OEMs and customers with more options to optimize their fuel or power choice based on preference and availability.

Its about downsizing

More recently, engine manufacturers have been highlighting their hybrid solutions. Kubota Engines, for example, released its Micro Hybrid Technology system last year, which incorporates a 48-volt motor generator in place of a traditional alternator. The purpose is to only activate the electric motors 10kW power boost capabilities when intermittent overloads need to be handled so that engine selection doesnt need to be....

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