Naval Rocha Schedules Two Cruise Projects - Cruise Industry News

Cruise Ship at Naval Rocha

Business is good for Portugals Nava Rrocha Shipyard, which specializes in small cruise ships is reporting what it called a flurry of activity in 2020 as it successfully navigates the COVID-19 outbreak and prepares for a packed order book in the coming months - including two cruise ship projects.

Commercial Director Sergio Rodrigues said the shipyard had recorded several landmarks during a highly memorable period in its history - completing its first multi-million Euro refit for a seismic survey vessel before managing its first BWTS (Ballast Water Treatment System) installation.

In these extraordinary times Naval Rocha continues to be active and operational, said Rodrigues. We are carefully navigating our way through the pandemic to ensure our shipyard remains safe, healthy and open for business in order to provide our clients with fast, reliable and efficient ship repair solutions. Following several landmark projects in the first half of 2020 we are now looking to the future with optimism and a busy order book for the third and fourth quarters of the year. While these are uncertain times our sights remain firmly fixed on remaining active and driving growth in key markets. Our orderbook for the second half of 2020 involves a steady stream of projects including three high profile BWTS installations, as we further cement our position as a specialist in this area.

In terms of key growth markets, Navalrocha is also enjoying significant success in the research vessel and tugboat secto....

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