Trucking Freight Futures Arrives In Chattanooga



Freight Alley in Chattanooga was the scene on the afternoon of February 21, when executives from FreightWaves, Nodal Exchange, DAT and K-Ratio presented the Trucking Freight Futures roadshow. Trucking Freight Futures debut on the Nodal Exchange on March 29.

For a recording of the live stream and a copy of the slide deck, click here.

Carrier companies native to Chattanooga and from across the country attended the event to learn about the mechanics and applications of Trucking Freight Futures in the logistics field.

"This will impact our primary customer base," said Brad Young of Trimble Transportation. "Many of our customers are in the lanes listed by the futures exchange." Trimble Transportation provides onboard computing and communication to provide carrier managers data-driven business intelligence.

During the question and answer session, an interesting point was raised by Jill Guess of the Philadelphia-based Prism Financial Group.

"Do you see these futures contracts becoming a part of portfolios?" asked Guess. Craig Fuller, FreightWaves' chief executive officer, replied that the freight market served as a barometer for the U.S. economy. Since every commodity-focused firm is exposed to freight, investors may seek to acquire freight futures contracts for their portfolios.

Don't miss it. Register today .

Don't miss it. Register today.

Following the question and answer session there was a networking event where at....

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