Uncertainty about Carson will test Seahawks running depth

"We've got plenty of guys we can go to," Carroll said. "We don't have to just rely on one guy right now."

Davis has shown an ability to be the primary ball carrier for the Seahawks, running for 101 yards on 21 carries in Seattle's Week 4 victory over Arizona when Carson was out because of an unrelated groin injury. Davis had 62 yards on 15 carries last week carrying the bulk of the running after Carson was unable to continue.

"It's like I do every week, prepare that I'm going to be the starter so if it does come up I don't get blindsided," Davis said.

Davis has proven he can handle the load. The same can't be said of Penny, who has just 42 carries for 146 yards through eight games. In the first couple of weeks, Seattle made it a priority to force Penny into the game and get him some action. After they realized that wasn't working, Penny disappeared for a couple of weeks before slowly being reintegrated to the offense.

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Last week Penny had just four carries, but may see that number increase significantly if Carson can't play.

"We've just got to get him out there. He just needs more turns," Carroll said of Penny. "Mike has been very versatile in the throwing game and all the styles of runs, really good at it and very effective. We're just going with w....

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